Using Duct Tape

Duct tape is great for those times when you need to do a bit of repairing around the home. I once had trouble with one of my water pipes and I couldn’t get it fixed that day. I had to make do with sticking a bit of duct tape over the hole that had somehow appeared in the pipe. Thankfully the pipe wasn’t one that got used a lot, and the duct tape sufficed for overnight usage, which was wonderful. We would have been stuck without the tape, as chances are we wouldn’t have been able to use any water at all.

ducttape011There’s no way that I would have used packaging tape on the leak as it’s just not strong enough to deal with that kind of job. Packing tape would not have worked at all, and we would have continued to have a leak overnight, and goodness knows what the floor would have looked like the next morning.

Always make sure you buy good quality duct tape as it can make the difference between the problem being solved, and having to call out an engineer because you have a leak of some kind.

Buy the right tape for the job, and make sure it’s good quality tape too, you won’t regret it. To read more about duct tape, and specialty reflective tapes, please follow the links within the article.